One of the projects I’m most excited about is the Venice Live/Work House.  This is an ultra-modern dwelling with a small footprint designed by Lookinglass Architecture and Design.  Not only is it rather small, but it’s about as energy efficient as you can get.  The walls are our minimum R-value, at R-24 (based on their mild climate), with the roof at R-32.  As always, the steel frame is at least 76% recycled content.  So this will not only cut down on the energy bills (and related CO2 emissions), but it starts out with a low embodied energy.

This project has already passed California’s stringent codes and approval process and is ready to go.  We’re in the bidding process for a few contractors, so we’ll be rolling within the next several weeks.  We’ll keep you updated on the progress and start posting construction photos as soon as we can.

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