The following video is Part 1 of a series of 8.  Look for the other 7 at and in later posts.

A few years ago we built one of our EcoCottage models, the Nantucket, for the Peace River Shores, Florida community clubhouse after it was destroyed in a hurricane. DIY Network’s Assembly Required came along for the ride and filmed the four day build.

Since then, with the hike in steel and the decline in the residential market, our EcoCottages were forced to the back-burner. However, we’re not done with them yet. They still provide important solutions to many uses and regions. The catch is that we have to sell them in multiples for it to make economical sense for both us and the client. We’re re-launching our EcoCottages as a resort development and a workforce housing product. The pre-fabricated parts and simple on-site erection make these great for developments that have a need for speed. They can also be built, like the one in the episode, without a concrete foundation. This is perfect for many remote places in the world where concrete is scarce (i.e. the Caribbean Islands). In fact, we’ve got a few going up in the near future off the coast of panama. You’ll hear more about that later. For now, we’re happy to give you this sneak peak of our re-launch of the EcoCottages, and how they’re built.