To our readers, sorry for the short vacation.  We got busy with other business items as we often do.  However, in line with the promise I made you, here is another part of the DIY Network’s coverage of our EcoCottages.  This part of the show really illustrates how the steel in our system goes together.

More on the foundation after the jump…

One of the most unique things about the EcoCottage line is that they can be built (they don’t have to be) without a concrete foundation.  As seen in the video, EcoCottages can be ordered with a steel foundation system.  It is made up of a few key elements: cinderblock pillars attached to a pad that tamps into the ground, 4′-5′ long augers that drill into the ground, and cross-bars that attach the frame to the augers and stabilize the system.  This is a well-tested approach that is strong enough to support the building in the event of a disaster… say a hurricane or an earthquake.  This system is great for remote areas, like islands, where concrete may not be available, or in certain zoned areas where concrete is not allowed.  It can also be a money saver when concrete prices are prohibitively expensive.