Paul_1This sweet little number is one of our newest contracts.  EcoSteel is currently in the engineering and detailing phases.  Once all the plans are stamped and detailed, then the client will proceed to get all their permits in line.  After that the fun begins and we start construction.

The great thing about the engineering and detailing phase is that it’s when all the magic begins.  Unlike prefab construction companies, EcoSteel uses a pre-engineered steel system.  In other words, the steel is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-welded in the factory.  When it arrives on-site, all you have to do is bolt it together.  This is made possible by our precise and extensive engineering and detailing.  We figure out exactly where every nut and bold needs to go, and we detail it out for the steel manufacturing shop.  This means that the EcoSteel system is fast like prefab, but it’s not nearly as expensive.  In the mean time, we provide all of the advantages of prefab like tight quality control, fast construction, waste reduction, etc.

We do more than just frames here at EcoSteel.  We provide a complete building system.  The other key component is our factory-finished, insulated steel exterior panels.  These babies give our buildings a thermal rating of R-8 per inch (up to six inches thick).  There’s simply not another insulation system to match it.  Just as exciting is the tongue-n’-groove system used to install it.  These panels go up quick and are extremely durable.  In fact, an EcoSteel building is virtually maintenance free.

Now, as you can see, this all looks amazing when it comes together.  The building above will use a few different finishes on their panels to acheive the desired look.  In the end, the client will have a sleek, sexy, modern residence with features like an open-concept three bedroom floor plan, and  a built-in green house.  The R-24 walls and R-32 roof, along with the 80% recycled steel frame, will ensure this is an energy efficient and sustainable dwelling.  We’ll keep you posted as this one moves forward into construction.  In the mean time, feel free to contact us if you’re looking for something similar.