EcoSteel is a building system provider specializing in speed, efficiency, and green building. Our system is based on steel frames and insulated panels that feature high recycled content, extreme thermal efficiency, and direct LEED rating benefits. Each component is pre-manufactured and factory finished for quick on-site assembly. Our building system is a hybrid that offers faster construction and higher quality than traditional means, yet is less expensive and more flexible than full prefabrication techniques.

What We Do

We have over ten years of experience working with and perfecting our system. Through detailed planning and full collaboration with other design team members, we make your project a reality. Our system starts in our AutoCAD based 3D modeling technology. There we construct your building virtually to better understand the interactivity of all the components involved. Through this process, we provide the structural frame engineering and catch any design conflicts before they cost money. This also makes pre-manufactured building components possible. In the end, you’ll receive pre-cut, pre-drilled, labeled steel framing members, factory finished steel insulated panels, and detailed construction documents that will facilitate the speed, quality, and eco-efficiency promised.

The EcoSteel building system is universally applicable and offers specific solutions for commercial, multi-family, and custom home development projects.