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Sadowski_1We’re always happy to announce another project.  This beautiful home is eclectic in both shape and exterior.  The design includes a three bedroom, three bathroom main house with an open-concept, and a two bedroom, two bathroom guest house above the garage.  The unique compilation of spaces creates a refreshing design that is anything but cookie-cutter.  Floor plans and pictures after the jump…

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Paul_1This sweet little number is one of our newest contracts.  EcoSteel is currently in the engineering and detailing phases.  Once all the plans are stamped and detailed, then the client will proceed to get all their permits in line.  After that the fun begins and we start construction.

The great thing about the engineering and detailing phase is that it’s when all the magic begins.  Unlike prefab construction companies, EcoSteel uses a pre-engineered steel system.  In other words, the steel is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-welded in the factory.  When it arrives on-site, all you have to do is bolt it together.  This is made possible by our precise and extensive engineering and detailing.  We figure out exactly where every nut and bold needs to go, and we detail it out for the steel manufacturing shop.  This means that the EcoSteel system is fast like prefab, but it’s not nearly as expensive.  In the mean time, we provide all of the advantages of prefab like tight quality control, fast construction, waste reduction, etc.

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Observatory at the Cullen Ranch. Telescope by LightBuckets

Observatory at the Cullen Ranch. Telescope by LightBuckets

It’s been a while since we had a post… Sorry to any of our readers. However, we’ve had some great news lately, despite the economic downturn. We’ve had two new projects jump on board in the last few months, and we’re finishing up three. That ain’t bad considering the state of real estate. Coming in at the top of the good news list today, the Cullen Ranch project was recently finished. We wanted to celebrate by showing you some of the amazing interior pics!

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Located just outside of Washington, DC, the 3030 House is a specimen of modern simplicity, steel strength, pre-engineered speed, and energy-efficient green.  This model features 3-inch r-24 walls and a 4-inch r-32 roof.  It is also extremely space efficient, taking up only 30’X30′, hence the name 3030 House.  Designed by Greg La Vardera from LaMi Design, this house is at the intersection of quality and affordability, specifically when used multiple times in a development.  This is due to the minimalist design, the strength and durability of the materials, and the fast building system that it employs.

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This is one of my favorite pictures of the Cullen Ranch & Observatory.  It definitely gives a skewed look of the architecture, but what a beautiful location!  This contemporary ranch house, barn, and observatory is just about move-in ready.  More pictures after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

This is another modern gem getting ready for Cusabo Island in South Carolina.  While the Venice Live/Work House is on stilts for a carport, the Cusabo Island Project is elevated due to it’s location.  This house will be constructed just upstream from the beach on a flood plane.  An interesting note: the lower deck, just off the ground, has been engineered to give way with the tide in an extreme flood.  This will keep the rest of the house standing strong.  That’s why I love steel engineering.  You can be ready for just about any natural disaster.

Along with our usual green credentials, high recycled content and awesome energy efficiency, this house will go up fast!  All of our buildings are designed with a pre-engineered steel frame.  That means it’s cut, welded, drilled, and ready to just bolt together by the time it arrives on site.  The framing process takes only days to complete.  Our roof and wall panels also save plenty of time.  They are insulated and factory finished upon arrival.  All you need to do is stand them up and screw them into place.  The tongue-and-groove panels install much like a hardwood floor, only vertically.  This also eliminates thermal gaps and (with special sealant) water-proofs the entire wall/roof.  All in all, the Cusabo Island Project is going to be one fast, tough, green, and modern house.  We’ll have construction photos within the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned.

One of the projects I’m most excited about is the Venice Live/Work House.  This is an ultra-modern dwelling with a small footprint designed by Lookinglass Architecture and Design.  Not only is it rather small, but it’s about as energy efficient as you can get.  The walls are our minimum R-value, at R-24 (based on their mild climate), with the roof at R-32.  As always, the steel frame is at least 76% recycled content.  So this will not only cut down on the energy bills (and related CO2 emissions), but it starts out with a low embodied energy.

This project has already passed California’s stringent codes and approval process and is ready to go.  We’re in the bidding process for a few contractors, so we’ll be rolling within the next several weeks.  We’ll keep you updated on the progress and start posting construction photos as soon as we can.