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Sadowski_1We’re always happy to announce another project.  This beautiful home is eclectic in both shape and exterior.  The design includes a three bedroom, three bathroom main house with an open-concept, and a two bedroom, two bathroom guest house above the garage.  The unique compilation of spaces creates a refreshing design that is anything but cookie-cutter.  Floor plans and pictures after the jump…

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Paul_1This sweet little number is one of our newest contracts.  EcoSteel is currently in the engineering and detailing phases.  Once all the plans are stamped and detailed, then the client will proceed to get all their permits in line.  After that the fun begins and we start construction.

The great thing about the engineering and detailing phase is that it’s when all the magic begins.  Unlike prefab construction companies, EcoSteel uses a pre-engineered steel system.  In other words, the steel is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-welded in the factory.  When it arrives on-site, all you have to do is bolt it together.  This is made possible by our precise and extensive engineering and detailing.  We figure out exactly where every nut and bold needs to go, and we detail it out for the steel manufacturing shop.  This means that the EcoSteel system is fast like prefab, but it’s not nearly as expensive.  In the mean time, we provide all of the advantages of prefab like tight quality control, fast construction, waste reduction, etc.

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